Western State College of Colorado is a four-year public liberal arts college located in Gunnison, Colorado. The enrollment stands at about 3,000 students with a high percentage (about 25%) from out of state. The far flung appeal for some students is found in the idyllic mountains and ski slopes.

The most popular majors at Western are business, art, recreation, biology, and a double major in business and recreation. Western also offers state of the art programs in civil engineering and petroleum geology, founded and funded by Western State College alumni donations.

Campus Locations[]

College Union
The College Union serves as the College's activities and information center as well as being the central campus-meeting place. It fosters an environment that promotes respect for all people and values diversity, leadership development, and the free exchange of ideas.

The College Union is funded by students, administered by students, and exists for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Students provide the vision, leadership, commitment, and momentum that keep the College Union a vital, vibrant part of the Western State College campus.

Faculty and Staff[]

Brooke Alberts – Mid 50s, autocrat, Dean of the College. (1.2.1)