Aftermath is using a modified version of Fate Points based on designer notes for FATE 3rd edition. FPs can be spent to do the following:

  • Activate an Aspect
  • Defer negative invocation of Aspects by the GM
  • Receive +1 on any roll (before or after the roll)
  • Dramatic editing
  • Cancel someone else spending an FP
  • Camera monologue
  • Spend 2 FP to give someone else a +1
  • Switch opponents with someone else in combat
  • Fortuitous arrival

Example of Fate Points in play:

Associate Professor of History Rance Allen is in his college office dealing with a member of his cross country running team who is whining about personal problems. Rance needs to get this guy's head off his problems and back to the upcoming race. The GM wants to dial up the drama of the scene and test Rance's resolve so he Compels Rance's Aspect "Embittered College Student" and offers Rance an FP if he'll be really mean and condescending to the kid. Rance had a bad breakup with his college girlfriend and doesn't have much sympathy for the rich, good looking sophmore sitting in his office so he's very tempted to bring the bitter smackdown. However Rance realizes that the immediate pleasure of the bitter smackdown is less important then having the kid racing at his best, so Rance pays off the GM's Compel and spends an FP to defer the invocation of his Aspect.

In order to try and turn the kid's frown upside down Rance makes an Impress roll with his +1 Impress skill, but only gets a Mediocre result. Rance lectures the kid on being part of a team, blah blah blah, but it doesn't seem to be getting through to him. Rance can remember what its like to be in this kid's shoes and he spends an FP to activate his "Embittered College Student" Aspect and reroll. This time he gets a Good result. Rance drops the lecture and tells the kid that he knows how he feels and relates a story from his own college experience. They make a connection and Rance is able to get the kid to perk up and get excited about the coming race.