Long hidden in the world of man, the Grigori have revealed themselves to a humanity besieged by both Heaven and Hell. They offer the protection of nature and the Earth, in exchange for taking their rightful place as the new gods of mankind. Grigori Araqiel, Samyaza, and Shamsiel lead human followers in the Municipal Building, which has been covered in vines and infested with wild animals loyal to the Grigori. Those who have joined this new faith have found some protection in the Earth.

-Earth Succor: Those who follow the new religion and revere the Earth and the Grigori as the guardians of it have been known to call upon aid from nature. The vast packs of feral animals now wandering the city provide allies in this brutal war.

The Nephilim

The children of the Grigori are giants and possess strange powers beyond mortal men. They are also the executives of a private group called the Og Corporation, and during this crisis they are using human subjects to try to create psychic supersoldiers from Nephilim DNA and carve out their own kingdom on Earth.

-Mutants: There have been a small number of successfull experiments in splicing human DNA with Nephilim material. The results are seemingly ordinary humans who possess some level of psychic abilities; such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and clairovoyance.


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