Session 1.1

Airdate: 3/23/06

“The Good of the Many…”

“Behold, as wild asses in the desert, go they forth to their work; rising betimes for a prey: the wilderness yieldeth food for them and for their children.” – Job 24:5

While on a foraging expedition in the mountains outside of Gunnison the team got a call from town telling them that Old Man Wendell has finally given in and come down off his farm. He brought as much as he could but was forced to leave a generator back at his place. The team quickly decided to break camp, pile into Mitch’s SUV “Molly” and go reclaim the generator.

Pike and The Padre debated the merits of a couple of different shortcuts, and they decided to go with Pike's. They got to the turn off to Wendell's and headed up the snowy, unpaved road. That’s when Top Gun noticed tire tracks. He got out and took a look and it was pretty obvious that these were tires from a large truck and they were going up and not out. Recently too. So the team decided to take it cautious. Pike took The Padre and Top Gun took Mitch and they headed up through the cover of the trees.

The team got up towards the house and saw a big SUV parked in front, tailgate. Pike looped around to get into position to provide covering fire support. Top Gun, The Padre and Mitch formed a line and walked up to the house. A kid with a rifle who had been lying on the roof told them to stop or he'd shoot, and they could see a couple of people loading the generator into the SUV. It was Frank Jane, local causer of trouble, and his sister the sweetheart Jessica. Everyone was at least vaguely familiar with the Janes and Mitch was particularly well acquainted with Frank from their time in the pokey together. A parlay ensued about the merits of ownership in the new economy. The Janes jumped in the already running truck and made a break for it.

Top Gun dropped to a knee and took out a tire. Pike, from cover, went for a head shot on the driver which resulted in a blown out driver's side window and a wildly careening vehicle. Mitch ran back to Molly and the Padre ducked for cover. The Janes went speeding off down the hillside with The Padre, Top Gun and Pike in pursuit. Top Gun and Pike took out two more tires, but gravity did its work and the SUV was still moving.

Denny Jane, Snot Nosed Kid, took a shot at Top Gun from the back of the SUV and Top Gun tweaked his knee when he dropped for cover. Mitch brought Molly out onto the road and paced the Janes. Pike took a shot at the kid, which hit the generator and successfully suppressed Denny. The Padre wasn't going to sit by and let Pike headcap a kid and given the snowy terrain he was able to trip Pike up and ruin his next shot.

With three tires out the Janes are mostly out of control and speeding down the mountainside. They decided they needed to lighten their load so they dropped the tailgate and started to toss the generator out. Top Gun ordered them to stop and, bolstered by The Padre, they convinced the Janes the team would stop shooting if the generator didn't get the heave-ho. However Jessica was having a hard time controlling the vehicle, but luckily Mitch's misspent redneck youth came in handy. He'd been in more of his share of vehicles with no brakes and he was able to tell Jessica how to stop the truck. With the truck stopped, the generator out of immediate danger, and the Janes playing nice the team moved up to mop up.

The Padre performed first aid on Frank who was bleeding from a badly mangled left ear, Denny was shaken up by the ordeal, and Jessie had her seatbelt on so she was fine. Mitch proceeded to flirt with Jessie and made a business proposition to Frank regarding growing cash crops with grow lights. Top Gun took Denny off to the side and gave him a Talking Too, which seemed to get past Denny's angry teen shell. Seems the novelty of the end of the world is wearing thin for young Dennis Jane. Pike collected guns and checked out the generator to make sure it was ok.

Since Wendell’s farm is only about an hour outside Gunnison Pike and The Padre gave up their spots in Molly to the Janes. The long walk gave them a chance to discuss the events of the day. Molly, Mitch's SUV, was in good shape but the Janes’ truck was going to need a tow or three new tires. A shame since it had four newly salvaged tires.


Mitch, junkyard owning redneck jailbird

Molly, Mitch’s truck

The Padre, devout veterinarian

Top Gun, ex-Air Force Scout leader

Pike, ex-Army sharpshooter


Old Man Wendell (not met)

Frank Jane, local trouble maker

Jessica Jane, sexy tomboy

Dennis “Denny” Jane, snot nosed kid


Old Man Wendell’s Farm